YouTube Domination: SEO Techniques Every YouTuber Must Know

So, you’ve built a website for your YouTube Channel on Tubespace and now you’re wondering “how can I use the website and SEO to grow my channel”.  Well, here’s 4 great strategies to get you going quickly:

1. Re-Write Video Descriptions On Your Website


This is a quick and easy way to create unique content.  On your Tubespace website, there is an automatically-generated page for each one of your YouTube videos.  However, the content below the video is simply the video description pulled in from YouTube.

While this content might rank on some Google searches, a far better strategy is to re-write each description on your website, so that it is not identical to what is already published on YouTube.

This will give your website unique content, which ranks much better on Google (and other search engines).

Many Tubespace customers are now using AI, such as ChatGPT, to easily re-write descriptions and get more traffic to their site. (more on AI and ChatGPT below)

2. Write Short Blog Posts About Each Video

Speaking of ChatGPT and AI, the most popular strategy for YouTubers with a blog is to write companion posts for each video.

These companions posts create a lot of juicy unique content that Google’s search algorithm loves.  This can drive significant volume to your website and then on to your YouTube channel and other socials!

Nowadays, ChatGPT makes this very easy!  Simply sign-up for an account with ChatGPT (here you go: and start asking it to write blog posts for you.

The best way to think about how to “prompt” ChatGPT is to ask it do tasks the same way you’d ask a human.

For instance, you could could simply ask it:

Write a 1200 word blog post to go with a YouTube video that’s about how to grow a garden in the winter.  Make sure to use the keywords hydroponics, greenhouse, and frost.  Make sure to mention what kinds of vegetables grow the best in the winter”

ChatGPT will then write an entire blog post in about 10 seconds. If you like it, you can keep it, or if not, you can ask it to re-generate new versions until you’re happy.  You can play around with the exact “prompts” and see what works for you.

Once the article is written, simply copy and paste it into Tubespace under the video and voila! Instant unique content for Google’s search engine to feed on!

3. Promote Your Website

Google’s search algorithm will automatically rank your pages, however you can make a much larger impact by promoting your website in other places as well!  The nice thing is, as a YouTuber, you likely have a few good channels to use:

Make sure to:

  • Add your website URL to your YouTube Channel
  • Add your website to the description of every YouTube video you launch
  • Post about having a website on your other socials
  • Add your website URL to your bio on Instagram and TikTok
  • Post about new videos and their associated articles on your socials every time you launch a video

4. Collect and Send Emails

Ok, so this one isn’t exactly SEO, but it does have to do with your website.

Using your website to build an email list is an awesome way to grow your channel and diversify your viewership.

Here’s the strategy in a nutshell:

YouTube’s algorithm loves when newly launched videos get views quickly, after launching so anything you can do to get “early traction” can make a huge difference to how much traffic YouTube assigns to the video.

If you’ve built an email list on Tubespace’s platform, you can set it to automatically email your list each time a video is launched.  Our internal testing has shown that even a few extra clicks on “just launched” videos can have a big impact.

YouTube sees those early clicks as an indicator that people like this content and automatically boosts the video more!

Try It All Out!

In the increasingly competitive landscape of online content creation, YouTubers need to leverage every available tool to stay ahead. Integrating a website into your content strategy can provide a significant boost to your SEO efforts, drawing in more website visitors and converting them into loyal subscribers for your YouTube channel.

By applying the 4 strategies outlined in this article, you can enhance your online presence, increase website traffic, and grow your subscriber count on YouTube.  So, don’t wait – start implementing these strategies today and watch your YouTube channel flourish like never before



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