Do YouTubers Need A Website?

You may be asking yourself – do YouTubers need a website?

The short answer is – yes!  There are so many good reasons to have a website.  We’ll go over those down below.

BUT, the better question is – how much time and effort should a YouTuber dedicate to building a website?

That question is more difficult to answer and depends on where you’re at on your YouTuber journey.  Not all YouTubers should be spending time setting up websites on platforms like WordPress or Wix.  Both of these platforms can be time consuming to learn and manage.  An “instant website” platform like Tubespace is often the answer!

Why Do YouTubers Need A Website?


YouTubers at every growth stage benefit from having a website, but the amount of time one should dedicate to the process varies significantly.

Before we dig into how much effort is appropriate for building websites at various stages of your channels growth, let’s look at some of the key benefits YouTuber’s gain by having a website:

Build A Community That You Control


Have you ever been confused by how YouTube’s algorithm assigns traffic to your videos?  Have you ever had a copyright infringement on your video and had your YouTube channel blocked?  These are all unpredictable things that can happen when you build your online presence on only one traffic source that you don’t really control.

While social networks (like YouTube and TikTok) are super important and provide enormous benefit by giving you a place to grow your viewership, they can also shut off your channel’s traffic and revenue source whenever they’d like, whether that be because of an infraction on your part or simply because they changed their algorithm and your channel no longer gets as much traffic.

Build an Email List


Having a website allows you to collect emails from visitors.  This list becomes your asset that nobody can take away! You need to start building the list as early as possible.  Almost all medium and large YouTubers have an email list that they started developing early in their channel’s growth!

Introduce your audience to your other socials


If you are a creator on multiple social networks, a website becomes a great hub.  A place where you can send people to discover all your social profiles.  Perhaps someone discovered you on YouTube, but prefers to view content on TikTok – they can find your TikTok feed on your website.

By growing all your social channels, you’re no longer “putting all your eggs in one basket”.  A website can help you diversify your social presence instead of building all on one platform.

Get More Traffic To Your Videos Using SEO


Did you know that the two largest search engines in the world are YouTube and Google?  Obviously if you’re a YouTuber, you are getting traffic from YouTube, but what about Google Search?  Are you getting much traffic from regular Google searches?

Probably not if you don’t have a website!

Have you ever checked out the Video tab on a Google search?  The search results in this tab are always a mix of YouTube videos and non-YouTube results, such as websites that have videos on them.

By having a website that features your videos, you can get additional traffic from the world’s largest search engine.  Depending on the search term your website ranks for, this can be massive traffic!

Get Sponsorships


Did you know even small channels can get sponsorship deals from brands?  That’s right – now more than ever, brands are reaching out  to small and medium channels to make deals for sponsored videos in their niche.

Brands need a way to learn more about you and your YouTube Channel and a website is the perfect place for that.

Creating a special page on your website is a simple way to give potential brand sponsors a place to learn about your Channel, your audience, and why you would make a great match for their brand.

Brands are paying between $1000 – $5000 for sponsored videos on channels of only 1000-5000 subscribers.  And much much more money for medium and large channels!

Make sure you’re in the mix when they’re discovering channels to sponsor.


How much time should YouTubers spend building a website?


This is the real question.  You should definitely have a website, but how much time should you dedicate to building one?

In many cases – not much, while your channel is still small or medium sized at least!

Honestly, building a WordPress or Wix website may seem easy, but in reality, it takes a really long time.  Once you dig in and figure out how to make your website collect emails, show social feeds, and other features you’ll need, it would not be an exaggeration that YouTubers would need to spend many hours or days setting up their websites on WordPress or Wix.

These platforms are good platforms, but they require you to really research and plan out every aspect of your site design, content and integration of 3rd party tools within the site.  Not to mention, seemingly simple things like adding a YouTube Video Feed (or Instagram, TikTok or Twitter feed) to those platforms requires additional “plug-ins” that you usually have to research and pay for!

It just becomes a huge time-suck and can be quite frustrating, not to mention often much more expensive than the somewhat low costs you see advertised on these platforms’ websites.


The Best Website Builder for YouTubers


This is where the Tubespace website-builder for YouTubers really stands out.  With Tubespace you can create a website within 5 minutes that includes all this stuff:

  • A very low monthly cost (or even free on the Free Forever Plan)
  • All your YouTube videos automatically on your site with no need for any plug-ins!
  • A blog post automatically created for each video!
  • Ability to collect emails on your site and then send emails to that list (all from right within Tubespace). Again, no plug-ins or 3rd parties needed!
  • Add all your social feeds (Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook) with no need for any plug-ins. Just enter your social handles and your feed appears!
  • Have a dedicated page for Sponsors to learn about you and your channel and contact you!
  • Advertise your Merch Store!
  • For many YouTubers, a beautiful Tubespace website will give you everything you need in a fraction of the time other platforms would take.

So, once again, YouTubers do need websites, but many small and medium YouTubers shouldn’t spend too much time on them.  You need to focus most of your time on creating great content!

Because Tubespace is made just for YouTubers, it has everything you need built-in and will give you exactly what you need in literally less than 5 minutes of set up!



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